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Roger Hardy is the CEO of KITS online eyewear retailer. Roger’s entrepreneurial journey began with a single phone line, a 14k modem and a credit card, building an online company and selling it to a San Francisco-based More.com at the height of the dot com boom all before the age of 30. An original disruptor, he and his sister next launched Coastal.com owners of Clearly. Under Roger’s leadership, the company became the world’s leading digital eyewear retailer, going public on NASDAQ before being acquired by Essilor for $450 million cash.

Among Roger’s proudest achievements are creating Canada’s most successful vertically integrated e-commerce company, achieving Canada’s largest eCommerce exit at the time. When Roger Hardy isn’t busy helping bright young companies and minds succeed, he loves spending time with his wife, son and three daughters. Together, they run the Hardy Family Foundation, a charity aimed at empowering communities in Canada and around the globe. Roger also established the Hardy Endowment Fund at Bishop’s University which provides tuition support for students in need.

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