brainAre you working on your brain? Its the hardest working organ in your body, but most people seem to miss it. We take so much time to care for our body, be it in fitness or taking care of aesthetics. Our whole total wellness stems from our mind, so what are you doing to help work it out? Just like White Goodman, you should be breaking a mental sweat too! Here’s a few tips to workout your mind!

  1. Read a book a month: you may say I don’t have the time. Well, thats not necessarily true, since you create time. Look at how long the book is, and decide how many pages you will read at the beginning or the end of everyday to finish it.
  2. Think positive: negative just attracts more negative, so have a positive mindset. Even if you do not believe in attracting things to yourself, you can agree its just nicer to be happy.
  3. Start Goal-Think: decide what you want, decide to direct your thoughts and energy towards it; life doesn’t happen by mistake.
  4. SLEEP: if you do not rest your mind, you will find yourself very negative and very burnt out. Plan your sleep patterns first, then plan your day, you’ll be glad you did!