It seems to me, that as a society, we have forgotten how to do for ourselves. A Newsweek front page once heralded ‘We Are All Socialists Now,’ and that is the crime of the century. It is collectivism that has forced us into the lazy conundrum that has become the current state of America. A nation in which our youth do not care, just as long as they receive their ‘Bread and Circus.’ Just as in Rome great nations fall, but their fall is through the decay of apathy and that of collectivism. Yes, the economy is bad, but their is a great deal of people that do not want to do for themselves, and at 28, I am ashamed to say this is much of my generation. Socialism has taught us how to work the system instead of our minds and our bodies. We earn by the work of someone else’s brow rather than toil through our own labor; there is no labor. It is for this reason that the strain on the system has become so great, it is a great heard of consumers and very few providers.

Those that could provide are struck down, if not through ridicule, then through unnecessary prescription drugs, that are made to bring those that excel down to the level of the herd. Einstein did not speak until the age of five. When asked about why, he responded that he ‘had nothing to say.’ A boy that observes is a greater sign of brilliance than one that just spouts out of an discomfort with silence. Autism has been changed to Autism Spectrum Disorder, in which if a child does not speak after age three, they are autistic. If this was applied to Einstein, then his brilliance has been destroyed. I do not claim to be an expert, but maybe we are going to far with societal beliefs of normalcy. We have become enamored with the normal, in which all must be struck down and equaled to the same level and none must exceed. We have come to see exceeding as something only our athletes can do, our gladiators of distraction from a world gone mad

Virgil once stated: ‘Fortune favors the bold,’ but what is their are no bold left? What if we have come down to such a level of dependence that we cannot do for ourselves and our only subsistence is that which the government gives. We live only for the bread which will be given us by our masters, without the will to do, that is just what government will become: masters. We have been pushed to look to selflessness rather than selfishness. Yes, we should do for our neighbor, but it should be of our own private accord, not of a public good, which leads to such aforementioned slavery. If charity is the ‘Res Publica,’ then it is not longer charity. To make it the public thing, is to take all the real good out of it, and make us all socialists. We need real charity, but we need to learn how to be selfish again. The system rewards those who repeatedly make poor choices, and sometimes they just need to be cut off, because it is draining those that have worked hard. These ones I speak of are the reasons that communism would never work; they are those asleep under the tree, because wether they work or not, they will receive just as much as those that toil in the sun. Eventually, those self-made men become tired of their lack of effort and revolts occur.

Exchange Value in Abundance
No, this is not a case for eugenics, this is a case for remembering what made this country great. There are those that can never care for themselves, and it is out of personal charity that they will receive the needed care, not out of public demand. This is about not giving third chances to those that have wasted their second. This is about a strong country based on unity, but only to a point, and I am speaking not through stronger government, when men are forced to compete they create a better product, but when they are allowed to keep the fruits of their labor, then they will produce more and better than ever imagined. This is a call to be great. This is a call to be more than normal. This is a call to be excellent. This is a call to love, in exchange for love. This is a call to give value for value. This is a call to not be a looter, but a producer that can be proud of the fruits of their labor. This is call to be an individual, not a member of a herd of automatons.