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George’s grandparents fled Jewish persecution in Ukraine, settled in Belgium, and again fled persecution during WWII. They were able to settle in Brazil, where his mother was born. His father, who comes from Angolan roots, was also born in Brazil. Both his mother and father legally immigrated to the United States in search of the American dream, where they began their new lives on the foundations of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

America used to be a country that rewarded hard work and entrepreneurship. But instead, Democrats have chosen to punish hard working Americans with tax hikes and rising inflation. Washington doesn’t need another politician – it needs an outsider who will fight for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and hard working Americans.

George is a seasoned Wall Street financier and investor, with extensive work in capital introduction, real estate, capital markets, bio-tech and ETC. He participated in landmark deals on Wall Street, and worked his way up to being one of the youngest vice presidents in the industry.

George’s work ethic comes from his mother, who came from nothing, but worked her way up to be the first female executive at a major financial institution. On September 11, 2001, George’s mother was in her office in the South Tower. She survived the horrific events of that day, but unfortunately passed away a few years later.

Following in his mother’s footsteps, George has a long history of philanthropic work across New York, and around the country. He has worked tirelessly with animal rescue efforts in the Tri-State area; and supports other organizations that help at-risk children and America’s veterans.

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