About This Episode:

Is Gen Z sparking a conservative revolution NOBODY anticipated?

Dive into this insightful episode as Jeremy Ryan Slate, the visionary behind the Jeremy Ryan Slate Pro and your trusted guide to navigating the waves of cancel culture, takes you on a deep dive into the unexpected conservative wave sweeping through Generation Z. With his expertise in commanding brand presence and combatting cancel culture, Jeremy unearths the truths behind this generation’s political and cultural leanings.

In this controversial and must-watch episode, we’re joined by TikTok sensation and best-selling author, Isabel Brown, whose unique perspective sheds light on the seismic shifts occurring within our future leaders. Together, we embark on a critical examination of the factors fueling Gen Z’s conservative tilt, from dissatisfaction with mainstream narratives to a yearning for objective truth in an era of misinformation.

Is our future really as bleak as it seems, or is Gen Z laying the groundwork for a brighter, more conservative tomorrow? This discussion ventures beyond the surface, challenging mainstream perspectives and inviting you to rethink everything you thought you knew about America’s future, sovereignty, and national pride.

This episode is a treasure trove for anyone passionate about understanding the undercurrents shaping our world. Prepare to have your views challenged and your horizons broadened. It’s more than just a conversation; it’s a call to action for those who support liberty, freedom, and are determined to forge a path toward a better future.


        • 0:00 – Introduction
        • 1:04 – Gen Z Conservatism Debate
        • 2:02 – Isabel’s Personal Journey
        • 7:13 – College Campuses Cultural Impact
        • 10:27 – Discernment Tips for College Students
        • 14:19 – Gen Z’s Conservative Tendencies
        • 17:45 – Gen Z’s View on Politicians
        • 21:40 – Sponsor Appreciation Segment
        • 23:14 – Post-Trump Political Landscape
        • 25:29 – Gen Z’s Discontent with Bipartisanship
        • 28:17 – Analyzing the Political System’s Flaws
        • 29:50 – Social Media’s Effect on Gen Z
        • 35:16 – TikTok Legislation Discussion
        • 36:18 – TikTok’s Influence on Youth Culture
        • 40:24 – Introduction to the RESTRICT Act
        • 42:54 – Digital Age and Privacy Concerns
        • 46:04 – Connecting with Isabelle
        • 46:39 – OUTRO


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The End of the Alphabet: How Gen Z Can Save America

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