About This Episode:
In this insightful episode, we critically examine how classical history, often dismissed as dull, holds the key to restoring our fractured society. We explore two pivotal concepts: the Roman “Virtus” and the Greek “Arete,” which epitomize excellence and masculine virtue. These ancient ideals are essential for building a society grounded in liberty, freedom, and national pride.

Join me, as I engage in a thought-provoking conversation with Alex Pekas. Together, we delve into how historical figures from Greek and Roman antiquity can inspire modern solutions to today’s societal challenges. From examining the fall of republics to understanding the virtues that drove great leaders, this episode promises a unique perspective that is both controversial and enlightening.

This is a must-watch episode for anyone passionate about America’s future, sovereignty, and the fight against cancel culture.


      • 0:00 – Intro
      • 1:09 – How Law Breaks Down at the Fall of a Republic
      • 1:48 – Alex Pekas: From Academia to Podcasting
      • 3:45 – Campus Activism and the Problem of Evil
      • 6:56 – The Cost of Too Much Narrative in Education
      • 8:56 – The Presentist Turn in History
      • 10:53 – Virtus and Arete
      • 17:20 – Why Aren’t We Learning These Things
      • 20:39 – Losing Our Sheepdogs
      • 22:31 – Plutarch
      • 24:35 – What Are Plutarch’s Lives
      • 27:35 – How to Get Greatness by Osmosis
      • 29:55 – Plutarch vs. Modern Biographies
      • 30:28 – Emerson on Plutarch
      • 32:10 – What Historical Figures Are Misunderstood
      • 33:45 – Sulla
      • 35:12 – Modern Society and High Agency People
      • 48:08 – Education of Future Leaders
      • 49:55 – Where to Find Alex
      • 50:44 – Like, Comment, Subscribe

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