WINTERBLUES-640x424The winter blues can come in many forms, be it bad days or any other number of things. Many people end up vitamin D deficient in the winter, due to their lack of sun. This leads actually to illness, as vitamin D is very important to aiding the immune system, as well as the health of the skin. Therefore, it is important to supplement with vitamin D.

Believe it or not, unless you are a skier, we are much more sedentary in the winter as well, so it is always recommended to up the cardio. The added weight from the holidays will just drop off if you get yourself moving, and not compound due to the weight you are creating the rest of the year. Not to mention, when you are in shape you feel better about yourself.

As we are experiencing tundra-like cold here in New Jersey, everyone’s immune system seems to be just a bit shaken. It has been below zero every night, and sometimes, even a healthy immune system cannot handle it.

So, when you do get sick, what do you do about it? Well, there are some things not a lot of people know when taking handling a cold. Myself, I do not see doctors, so I will give you an idea of what myself and my family do in order to naturally fight colds and illness. First, lets start with ear infections, did you know that putting lemon juice in your ear for a around a minute, a few times daily, can help to kill the infection? What about when you are sick and cannot breath, I recommend a combination of two things OPC 3 to bring down inflammation of the nasal passages and Peppermint Tea to make it easier to breath.

Instead of just handling symptoms, what about actually fixing them? Well, you can help to heal up your immune system with vitamin C. The body can usually handle about 30,000 mg per day of a traditional vitamin or about 10,000 mg of Isotonix Vitamin C, due to its much higher potency. Remember, first these are recommendations as I am not a doctor, and large daily doses are to be spread throughout the day. How about naturally killing bacteria? Supplementing with Aloe Vera can do that as the natural tonic helps to fight and kill bacteria.

Now that you know how to fight the winter blues and the sickness that can come after, go out and conquer the world. Remember, all -around wellness, health body, soul mind and economically.