entreIn the world of business, it really comes down to just two types of people: Entrepreneurs and Wantrepreneurs. Its easy to recognize the two once you have a better idea of what they are. The first is to be admired, but the second is a bit harder regains because they talk a big game, but can never back it up.

Entrepreneurs are people that will do whatever it takes. They take a big game, but they act a big game. They are movers and shakers, when they come up against barriers, and try to find ways around, They will never take no for an answer, they push, the go over or around any wall they come against. When they are told something cannot be done, they ask for one hour and either come back with a plan or with the action completed. They want to be successful as bad as they want to breath; being unsuccessful to them is as bad as dying. Their whatever it takes attitude, takes full responsibility for everything. Entrepreneurs know that success or failure is on them, it is never anyone elses’ fault. What others would claim were an act of nature or out their control, they find a way to handle. They commit first and figure it out later.

Then, there’s the wantrepreneur. They are the people that want a lot and talk a big game, but that is all you can ever expect from them. They will find every excuse why something did not work. They will blame everyone else for their failures. They are usually the first to criticize and push others when their own personal goals do not happen. Rather than full responsibility, they take no responsibility; its out of their control. When the going gets tough, they don’t get going. They will never be anything more than a dreamer.

Dreams are great, and motivation for all of us. However, this is a physical world that requires action. Decide what you are, and I hope for your sake you know what you are. Actions speak louder than words my friends.