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Emmanuel Daniel is a global thought leader in the future of finance. He is an entrepreneur, writer, and listed as a top 10 global influencer in the “Fintech Power50” list for 2021 and 2022. Much of Emmanuel’s writing covers the future of finance, with a special focus on how cryptocurrencies, blockchain, gaming, and other technologies are opening the doors to new transactional opportunities.

His next book, “The Great Transition – The Personalization of Finance is Here,” is slated for September, 30th 2022 and covers how the US has shaped worldwide financial innovations. Emmanuel travels widely and has visited more than 100 countries and is working on his next book tentatively titled “The Winning Civilization.”

As an entrepreneur, he was previously a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), a prestigious grouping of young business owners worldwide. Emmanuel was trained as a lawyer, has degrees from the National University of Singapore and the University of London, and attended a course on economics at Columbia University in New York. He travels widely and divides his time between Singapore, Beijing, and New York.

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