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The college system needs to be reformed. How it’s funded needs to be changed what a college major looks like needs to change and we’re really missing an apprenticeship period after or during high school. More trades, less pointless college majors. Colleges compensation should come from students first five years of income post school so they’d have to produce students that are capable of getting or creating jobs.

Apprenticeships are an important part of what’s missing in education. Like when someone goes to the seminary, it helps you to discern if a career is for you so you don’t waste 4-5 years of college on it and you walk away with skills or a career.

Our modern education system comes from Austria-Hungary who’s purpose was creating soldiers, then was very influenced by the Industrial Revolution that really needed workers; It also doesn’t create entrepreneurs that make the world go round. No entrepreneurs, no jobs to get.

Solving education is a big part of fixing the country, and if you ask James Lindsay, it’s also what’s churning out Marxist Ideologues too.

The American Education System

Where did it come from? Nineteenth Century Austro-Hungarian empire for military service: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11698-018-0180-6

In the US, not long after the public school system starts with Horace Mann in, MA– the Industrial revolution is spinning up at the same time.

Department of education founded in 1979, most money goes to grants and loans, but also handles accreditations and curriculum: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Department_of_Education

1950s 5% ($500 a semester) to go to college, jumps to 21% in 1970, then 37% in 2022:

According to a 2018 study by CNBC, 5 nearly 40% of college grads take a career after graduation that does not require a degree. In addition, nearly 1 in 5 graduates are still working in a career that does not require a degree ten years after graduation. It was also found that business majors have a 47% and education majors have a 50% chance of being underemployed, whereas engineering majors only have a 29% chance and computer science majors only have a 30% chance of being underemployed. Those statistics not only make you consider when and if you need to go to college; they also make you take a second look at the career you are choosing before college.

25 most common jobs: https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/finding-a-job/most-common-jobs-in-america

Average student loan debt: https://educationdata.org/average-student-loan-debt#:~:text=The%20average%20federal%20student%20loan,them%20have%20federal%20loan%20debt

Wokeness: Paulo Freire, through Catholic Liberation theology in colleges of education: https://jeremyryanslate.com/the-marxification-of-education-how-marxism-and-liberation-theology-made-their-way-into-education-feat-dr-james-lindsay/

How do we handle education differently?

  • College: 15% upfront, 15% of your income your first 5 years out of school
  • Apprenticeships are missing discernment (seminary)
  • School choice/vouchers, give people whether in rural or cities a choice, would make public schools have to be better and make private schools have to be better
  • Get woke teachers fired
  • Close the Dept. of Education, and give it back to the states and governors and add real-life skills classes: Civics, Money Management, Home E.C., etc.

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