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Dr. Tiffany Brandreth is affectionally referred to as either ‘Dr. T’ or ‘Dr. B’ by her clients. She is a leadership and organizational psychologist uniquely specializing in the intersection between Bias, Power, and Equity within Behavior, Process, Culture and Hierarchy.

Her expertise with C-Suite teams was earned through “speaking truth to power” long before its concept was coined, examining their health through foundational principles in systems theory, human behavioral sciences, and positive psychology. This gained the breadth and depth of experience within the toughest arenas partnering, challenging, and elevating executive leadership teams where she uncovers “What is being left unsaid?” as the source where breakthroughs occur, greatness thrives, and change begins.

Dr. B has been quietly yet powerfully shaping the DE&I field as one of the original pioneers since the late 1990s. Her vast experience leveraged from both internal and external leadership roles has kept her strategies, guidance, and approach rooted in reality as opposed to idealist theories impractical for the complexities and politics only understood from being on the ‘inside.’

Clients are kept confidential due to the risk, liability, or implications that bias, oppression, and truth can bring, unless permission to disclose. Anonymity is never compromised which allows the right and real work to get accomplished.

Quality over Quantity; Principle over Promotion; Truth over Preservation. These operating principles are why Tiffany’s reputation precedes her as a highly trusted, heavy weight disruptor yet with a delicate touch that inspires all to evolve. She is stepping out more visibly with urgency to help the industry re-think, re-educate and re-ignite DEI.

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