About This Episode:
In today’s must-watch episode of the Create Your Own Life Show, I, Jeremy Ryan Slate, take you on a deep dive into the controversial world of nutrition myths that are sabotaging our health. We unravel the “Diet Lies: What’s Really Making Us Sick?” with groundbreaking insights from Daniel Trevor, author of the provocative book “Unholy Trinity: How Carbs, Sugar, and Oils Make Us Fat, Sick, and Addicted.” As someone who’s navigated the treacherous waters of cancel culture and new media, I offer a unique perspective that challenges the status quo, advocating for Liberty, Freedom, and a brighter future.

This episode is not just an interview; it’s a critical examination of the misinformation that has been fed to us for decades.

Join us as we expose the deadly trio of carbs, sugar, and oils, and how they’ve been secretly contributing to a host of health issues, defying conventional dietary guidelines.

If you’re ready for a conversation that questions everything you’ve been told about nutrition, this is the insightful episode you’ve been waiting for. Dive in, question, and join the conversation.

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        • 0:00 – Intro
        • 1:13 – Daniel’s Health Scare
        • 4:33 – Origins of US Dietary Guidelines
        • 11:00 – Evolutionary Diet Insights
        • 14:55 – Analyzing US Dietary Guidelines
        • 19:34 – Sponsor Support Shoutout
        • 21:07 – Clinical Trials Explained
        • 24:57 – Confronting Bad Dietary Data
        • 29:30 – Low-Fat Diets vs. Testosterone
        • 32:28 – Europe vs. America: Health Comparison
        • 33:36 – Insights on the World Economic Forum
        • 38:19 – Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle
        • 43:27 – Outro


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Book: UNHOLY TRINITY | How CARBS, SUGAR & OILS Make Us Fat, Sick & Addicted and How to Escape Their Grip


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