About This Episode:
Dive headfirst into a world where narratives are weaponized, and history’s lessons on the rise and fall of empires eerily mirror today’s American landscape. In this must-watch episode, General Michael Flynn, with his unparalleled insight, takes us on a deep dive into the murky waters of the deep state, intelligence agencies, and the complex dance between the media and government. With parallels drawn from the Roman Empire to our present day, this conversation is not just a discussion; it’s a critical examination of America’s future, sovereignty, and national pride.

As the CEO of Command Your Brand, I’ve always believed in pushing the boundaries of New Media and Internet Marketing, much like the provocative discussions on the Joe Rogan show. This insightful episode offers a unique perspective on how narratives are shaped and manipulated, shedding light on the potential for government reforms and the impact of a second Trump term.

But it doesn’t stop there. Join us as General Flynn shares his personal saga captured in the film ‘Flynn’—a testament to survival against the odds. This episode is a deep dive into the heart of America’s most pressing challenges and a call to all who cherish liberty and freedom.


        • 0:00 – Intro
        • 0:53 – General Michael Flynn Interview
        • 5:22 – Media vs. Intelligence Community Dynamics
        • 8:59 – Legal System Bias: Left vs. Right
        • 11:25 – Roman Empire Decline: Last 100 Years
        • 12:56 – Comparing America to Rome’s Third Century
        • 13:38 – The Role of the Enemy in Strategy
        • 16:25 – Narrative Assassination Tactics
        • 18:44 – Future Scenarios and Possibilities
        • 25:00 – Potential Trump Reforms in Second Term
        • 30:40 – Solutions to Political and Social Turmoil
        • 31:56 – ‘Flynn’ Film Overview
        • 34:50 – Concluding Remarks

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