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Phil Labonte is an American singer from Massachusetts, best known as the lead singer of the metal band ‘All That Remains’. He is the former lead vocalist for ‘Shadows Fall’, was the touring vocalist for ‘Killswitch Engage’ in early 2010, and also filled in for ‘Five Finger Death Punch’ vocalist Ivan Moody in late 2016.

Phil is also a proponent of the second amendment and an outspoken Libertarian.

He is for cutting the size of the military and was critical of U.S. intervention overseas and military bases in the Middle East; he stated: “You can be pro-military and not be pro-imperialism. You can be pro-military and pro-national events and still think that we have too many bases in foreign countries that we just don’t need.”

He supported Republican presidential candidates Ron Paul in 2012, and Rand Paul in 2016. In 2020, he supported Libertarian nominee Jo Jorgensen for the presidential election, while also expressing his detest for the party’s leadership.

Labonte moved to New Hampshire to join the libertarian movement currently taking place in the state.

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