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Brian Curcio is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Rapunzl. He is a passionate supporter of any and all things related to financial education.

At a young age, Brian was incredibly fortunate to receive broad exposure to entrepreneurship and the stock market through his family.

Together with his high school good friend, Myles Gages, they developed Rapunzl during their senior year at Amherst College. They designed and developed an app that could solve the three roadblocks that prohibit many from understanding the stock market: fear, exposure, and accessibility. They’ve decided to provide their users with a risk-free, $10,000 simulated portfolio in order to eliminate the fear we all first feel when we look at the stock market.

They increased their exposure by working with high schools and colleges and providing weekly, monthly, and annual competitions for cash prizes! – Finally making the stock market accessible by integrating social media into this simulator. Users can also connect with friends, share how they trade, and discuss their investment strategies.

They believe that people need game-based learning tools which simulate the real world and contextualize their learning if they are ever to learn how to properly invest. Rapunzl provides an incentive to learn, a place to share findings, and a risk-free community to make mistakes along the way.

Brian sees Rapunzl as his career, passion, and best effort to combat the nation’s financial illiteracy crisis.

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