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Cicely Davis is a born leader who looks for opportunities to get involved and get things done. Born in Rochester, New York, she has a deep connection and passion for city and urban vitality.

As a resident of Minneapolis in Congressional District 5, Cicely has witnessed the glory, as well as the continued decline of her district. Crime has increased, police presence has decreased, and the once vibrant district has been reduced to abandonment and emptiness. Cicely wants to be a part of the solution to revive her district and bring about strong, relatable, and fresh leadership that the majority of citizens can relate to. It’s time for new conservative leadership that brings unification, new representation, and an altogether new approach to change. As State Director of Blexit MN, and Chair of Senate District 59, Cicely is provoked by an overwhelming urge for service. Service to citizens, her community, and this county is what drives her ambition.

She is an active grassroots volunteer, speaker, and community leader who seeks to restore the greatness of her district.

“What this district needs is a leader who can provide genuine, relatable leadership for all people. They need to believe again in what this district can be. No matter how you vote or worship, all citizens want to feel safe, have a sound education for their children, and live in a community that is thriving. That is what I am offering. It is what I stand for. It is what can be restored in this district.”

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