About This Episode:
In this episode of the Create Your Own Life Show, host Jeremy Ryan Slate interviews former CIA officer Brian Fairchild about the growing threat of China’s espionage activities and its implications for global conflicts. Fairchild sheds light on China’s aggressive intelligence operations, including the theft of sensitive data, genetic information, and the development of super soldiers.

He also discusses the Chinese government’s influence on foreign businesses and politicians, highlighting cases such as Eric Swalwell and Dianne Feinstein. Fairchild emphasizes the need for heightened awareness and countermeasures to protect national security and prevent further infiltration. The conversation delves into the strategic importance of Taiwan, the role of biological warfare, and the challenges faced by intelligence agencies in identifying and countering Chinese spies.

Don’t miss this eye-opening discussion on the hidden threats that may be shaping the future of international relations.

Key Moments:

      • 0:00 Introduction
      • 0:38 Brian Fairchild’s background and career in the CIA
      • 1:47 China as the biggest problem in today’s international conflicts
      • 7:49 The economic entanglement between China and the United States
      • 10:02 The difficulty of defending Taiwan against China
      • 13:11 The potential use of biological weapons by China
      • 18:09 The concept of War by Any Means by China
      • 19:57 The focus on the year 2027 in relation to China’s capabilities
      • 28:03 The possibility of China’s involvement in the COVID-19 pandemic
      • 30:11 The Chinese approach to intelligence gathering and espionage
      • 38:58 The potential use of genetic ethnic attacks by China
      • 41:49 The significance of the year 2027 in discussions about China
      • 45:39 Brian Fairchild’s books and where to find more information about him

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