Celebrity Chef Discusses Working for Emeril, Launching a Product and Cooking for the Rich and Famous

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Chef Ryan Rondeno is a true master of his trade and is ready to shake up the restaurant industry by bringing elegant dishes, bold flavor, and simple technique to the home front.

With a passion for French, Italian and Regional American Cuisine, his focus remains on local, sustainable cuisine with a strong emphasis on bold flavors—not to mention the love of New Orleans cuisine and fresh California flavors. 

For Ryan, it all started in the heart of New Orleans, where he intended to be an electrical engineer.


“Cook like it’s your last meal.”
-Chef Ryan Rondeno

Ryan had found he never had a passion car stereos and the like, but had been cooking his entire life.

Ryan then started working his way through high end restaurants in New Orleans, but when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, he was forced to relocate to Atlanta, where he worked under renowned chef, Emeril Legasse.

Following his passion eventually led Ryan to New York City, where he became executive chef, but opportunity called him to Los Angeles.

A friend Ryan had lost contact with, had an opportunity for him, which led to him being the personal chef for celebrities like Will Smith and Ben Affleck.

The opportunity was Ryan’s launching point; he opened Rondeno Culinary Designs in 2014 and in 2016 launched a line of spices, the Ryan Rondeno Spice Collection.

Ryan Rondeno sits down with me, Jeremy Ryan Slate, on the latest episode of the Create Your Own Life Show.

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