By: Brandon Moore

Calories need to be consumed in certain quantities to, maintain weight, or lose weight. To find out how many calories you need per day.

Multiply your weight by 11.
190×11= 2090

But as humans we move around and are active everyday, therefore, we need to calculate for those calories.

Depending on your metabolic rate and age , your number with vary.
Slow: is someone who gains weight by eating a little amount and anything. Someone who has a hard time keeping off the weight.

Moderate: is someone who doesn’t put weight on fast, but if they eat a lot for thanksgiving or a lot in one weekend, they will put on weight.

Fast: is someone who can eat a lot and not gain weight no matter what.
Slow: .30
Moderate: .40
Fast: .50

Slow: .25
Moderate: .35
Fast: .45

Slow: .20
Moderate: .30
Fast: .40

Now multiply your your weight by 11 again.

190×11= 2090

Then multiply that number by your metabolism number.

2090x.40= 836

Finally add that number to your original.

2090+836= 2926 calories

That is your golden number. That is the amount of calories your body needs per day. To add weight, add 500 calories. To lose weight, drop 500 calories.

Calories are made up by fats, protein, and carbs. You should consume 1.25 g of protein per pound of body weight. To drop body fat, keep carbs low and data high, and to add size, keep carbs high and fats low. Your nutrition should come from whole foods. Complex carbs, fruit, vegetables, dietary fat, and lean protein. Eat about 5 meals a day. Drink around a gallon of water.

With this knowledge, you can create a meal plan, along with a training regiment that fits your lifestyle, and if you dedicate yourself to eating right and training hard you will see results. I didn’t get to where I am today by eating right for a couple months or training for a year. I got here by staying consistent and focused on my fitness life. If you want to succeed in something you need to dedicate everything you got and give 100 % to it. Stay humble, stay focused, and b Moore fit!


Brandon Moore is a Personal Trainer, Fitness Model, Actor, Entrepreneur. Born and raised in New Jersey, he inspires others with his drive and determination and shows them how they too can create his lifestyle. Instagram: bmoore_fit24 Facebook: Twitter: bmoore_fit24