About This Episode:
In this must-watch episode of the Create Your Own Life Show, I, Jeremy Ryan Slate, take you on a deep dive into the hidden dangers lurking within Big Tech’s tightening grip on our freedom. With the unique perspective of Adam Curry, the ‘Podfather’ himself, we critically examine how the seemingly benevolent facade of technological convenience masks a systematic encroachment on individual liberties and the essence of free speech. This insightful episode unravels the complex interplay between innovation, censorship, and sovereignty, laying bare the intricate web that threatens to ensnare our very way of life.

As the co-founder of Command Your Brand, my mission has always been to empower brands to navigate the treacherous waters of cancel culture and to reclaim their voice amidst the cacophony of mainstream manipulation. Together with Adam, we explore the transformative power of new media as a bastion of unfiltered truth, challenging the status quo and offering a beacon of hope for a future where dialogue and diversity of thought flourish.

Join the conversation and delve into a critical examination of what lies beneath the surface of Big Tech’s allure. Discover how the principles of Internet Marketing, the Joe Rogan phenomenon, and the burgeoning podcast revolution offer a roadmap to preserving our cultural heritage, national pride, and the sanctity of the individual voice.

We are at a pivotal moment in history, where the choices we make today will echo through the annals of time. This episode is not just a call to awareness but a rallying cry for action— to stand in defense of our freedoms, to champion the cause of sovereignty, and to embrace the indomitable spirit of America’s future.

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        • 0:39 – Adam Curry Background Insights
        • 6:37 – Open Source & Free Speech Significance
        • 13:56 – Podcasting 2.0 Evolution
        • 18:14 – Exploring Lightning Network
        • 27:28 – Deconstructing News Stories
        • 29:40 – Understanding Real News
        • 35:48 – Current Major News Threads
        • 42:59 – Bitcoin’s Impact on Economy
        • 51:18 – Bitcoin’s Influence on Monetary Thought
        • 51:40 – Consumer Education Evolution
        • 54:54 – Alex’s Gratitude for Adam
        • 55:28 – Connecting with Adam Online


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