can-stock-photo_csp6891631Beauty is more than skin deep and starts on the inside. Health is much more hidden than what our boys outwardly show. You may have read this post title and think you know where I am headed, but you were wrong. Sure, you are a beautiful person on the inside and yada, yada, but that’s not my point. There are so many exterior conditions in the body that actually start on the inside of the body, or happen from what we are or are not ingesting.

  1. Eczema and Psoriasis- are actually immune system issues, skin is growing on top of itself because the body believes it is fighting disease, in actuality it is fighting itself. The internal issues need to be handled first, in order for the combination of skin issues to disappear. A combination of Ultimate Aloe and Isotonix OPC 3 can help with combating and clearing this up.
  2. Menstrual Cramps- just as with any other state in the body, cramps gobble up nutrients of all kinds. One of the largest vitamins that it removes from the body is calcium. Replacing this lost calcium can be a huge source of relief by supplementing with a strong calcium supplement, such as Isotonix Calcium.
  3. Thinning Hair and Brittle Nails- this issue is actually a nutritional deficiency, this issue can be handled with a OPC 3 Beauty Blend. Hyaluronic Acid, in beauty blend, helps to repair cells damaged at a cellular level, which is the first issue with brittle hair and nails, once this is handled, OPC 3 can the go to work to restore the natural process of homeostasis in the body.