About This Episode:
In today’s must-watch episode, we take a deep dive into the crucial question: “Rebuilding Culture: Is the Roman Empire Our Blueprint?” This thought-provoking and critical examination offers a unique perspective on the parallels between the ancient Roman Empire and contemporary American society. Hosted by Jeremy Ryan Slate, CEO and founder of Command Your Brand, known for his insightful analysis on culture, liberty, and the future of America, this episode is not to be missed.

Join us as we explore the complexities of America’s current identity crisis, the erosion of shared values, and the quest for a cohesive culture. Our guest, Dan Hollaway, brings a wealth of knowledge from his extensive study of the Roman Empire, providing unparalleled insights into how historical lessons could inform our approach to societal rebuilding.

This insightful episode challenges us to question the foundations of our national pride, sovereignty, and the critical role of shared cultural values in forging a united future. Whether you’re deeply interested in history, concerned about America’s future, or passionate about the preservation of national identity, this deep analysis promises to enlighten and inspire.

We invite you to join the conversation, share your thoughts, and contribute to this vital discourse. If you find value in this discussion, please like this video, leave a comment with your perspective, and don’t forget to subscribe for more thought-provoking content. Together, we can explore the possibilities for a brighter, more unified future.

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Key Moments:

        • 0:00 – Intro
        • 1:03 – Who is Dan Holloway
        • 2:59 – Fixing Cultural Issues
        • 14:31 – Self-Improvement Strategies
        • 19:34 – Understanding Modern Youth
        • 21:24 – The Concept of Safetyism
        • 27:24 – Tackling Addiction
        • 29:18 – Repairing Our Epistemology
        • 34:05 – Encouraging Leadership in Youth
        • 37:50 – Understanding Hard Currency
        • 38:20 – Embracing Change and Adaptability
        • 40:30 – Founders’ Vision on Decentralization
        • 43:30 – Insights into the Progressive Era
        • 50:20 – Where to Find Dan Holloway
        • 51:10 – Like, Comment, & Subscribe

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