About This Episode:
Laura Coe is an entrepreneur, author, and mom. At 24, she co-founded a healthcare tech business and later sold it to a Fortune 500 where she stayed on as an executive. After 11 years of success in business, she found herself very successful, and very unfulfilled. So, she tried yoga, alternative medicine, and anything she thought would help me feel fulfilled. But nothing worked.

Obsessed with the idea of fulfillment, she dove into its philosophical roots and discovered that she was “emotionally obese” – she had layers upon layers of assumptions, fears, and negative thoughts that had piled on over the years like “emotional fat” and in order to lose them, she had to learn to shed the “emotional weight.”

In This Episode:

    • Organizing Information can be profitable.
    • Figuring out purpose in work.
    • Understanding who you surround yourself with.
    • How to understand what people are really saying.
    • The value in mentorship.
    • Learning when and how to delegate.
    • Understanding the difficulty in being an entrepreneur.

Laura’s Favorite Quote:
“The still point in the turning world.” — T.S. Eliot

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