About This Episode:
Nate Smith recently built an info product business in the music niche – at The8020Drummer.com – to high 4-figures monthly passive income. Now he’s helping other entrepreneurs do the same. He’s applied the Pareto Principle to marketing in a way that other didn’t think was possible.

Last year, at a conference called DCBKK, He listened to a speaker named Jake Puhl talk about mindset. He said: “If you’re making less than 250K a year, your problem is probably mindset”. He started asking himself framing questions to reveal where he was on his own way. In the end, it all boiled down to assuming things were impossible just because he hadn’t seen them succeed yet. He then went on journey, which initially, was not a profitable one, but succeeded in creating freedom for himself; here’s his story.

In This Episode:

    • Transitioning from employee to full-time entrepreneur.
    • The highs and lows of being an entrepreneur.
    • What happens when cognitive dissidence occurs with you day job?
    • Creating the entrepreneur mindset.
    • Re-evaluating after your first product fails.
    • Surveying your audience to find what they’ll buy and how much they’ll pay.
    • Where to start out when writing copy.
    • Learning what your customers want?
    • Getting your list to be more engaged.
    • Going where your audience is.

Nate’s Favorite Quote:
“If you’re making less than 250K a year, he said, your problem is probably mindset.” — Jake Puhl

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