About This Episode:
Dennis Langlais has had the privilege to speak in front of countless audiences inspiring people to be the best they can be. The podcast provides an inspirational theme that shares insight from our guests. FIVE Minute Bark is a professional Business Podcast and has listeners in 38 countries.

New to the Podcast world FIVE Minute Bark is off to a better than expected start, featuring high profile guests such as Steven Weatherford, Lee Stein, James Heller, Cameron Czu- bernat. The podcast is successful in capturing the “moment” with it’s guests. Dennis the host has a the cunning ability to get guests to open up and share great things in a compelling way. Through is experience, Dennis has become an expert on the art of “Creating Celebrity,” and recently spoke about it in an interview with Grant Cardone.

In This Episode:

    • Making a living as a pro BMX rider.
    • How competition takes life to the next level.
    • Turning love of BMX into a business.
    • How a podcast can become your education.
    • The value in the Blab platform.
    • How to use professionalism to get noticed.
    • Why you need to to be a celebrity in your space.
    • How celebrity can add to your bottom line.
    • The value in aligning yourself with the right people.

Dennis’ Favorite Quote:
“Never give up.”

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