About This Episode:
Boomer Mueller and Tyler Tashiro are hustlers. They very quickly created a podcast called “The Rising Entrepreneur”, which saw very quick success. Then they took their knowledge and in only 48 hours put together the content for their first online training course. The two see not only importance in the originally of their content but also in the speed with which they create it.

In this episode, we cover the creation of their course from start to finish; why they acted quickly, why they tried to leave no questions. The two had a pet peeve about other course creators that didn’t give all the data, hoping to sell course number two. Rather they wanted to give their customers the best possible product to create a future relationship with them. These two guys believe in going for it, and you’re along for the ride.

In This Episode:

    • The Importance of Journaling.
    • Why your projects need to be bigger than yourself.
    • The importance of original content.
    • Creating raving fans.
    • Why you need buyers before you launch a product.
    • Leaving a course created with no questions.
    • Why you shouldn’t think with a scarcity mindset.
    • Understanding what your market wants before you push a product.
    • The speed of producing your product.

Tyler and Boomer’s Favorite Quote:
“God’s gift to us is our potential, our gift back is how we use it.”

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