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Renata has a long history in various leadership roles in sectors of business, nonprofit and sports club management. After living in New Zealand for 10 years, she moved back to the US and decided it was time to start working for herself. She wanted to help others become well-connected leaders with their teams, to organize their company structurally to ensure they have the right people in the right places and to help them become more efficient through processes and a bit of rigor in their organization!

Renata also has a passion for sports – growing up as an athlete, putting herself through college on athletic scholarship and just being an all around lover of any sport really, so she started Your Sports Resource to apply what she knew to those in non-profit youth sports. When COVID-19 struck, sports teams were especially hit hard as memberships declined and worry and anxiety started to set in. That’s when Renata stepped up to help team’s Boards and Volunteers with training materials, guidance and find a supportive community to grow their programs.

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