About This Episode:
Robert Syslo Jr. is the Video Genius behind Grant Cardone; Director of Production for Grant Cardone TV, Digital Video Producer, Advertising and Branding Coordinator, Editor, Photographer with over fourteen years of experience in film production. Having worked with NBC Universal, Citysearch, Yelp and Yellow Pages Robert’s promotional video production for business’ has led him to New York Times Best Seller and International Sales Expert Grant Cardone where he currently works.

Robert has been through an amazing journey of self-discovery to business success. He is an expert in branding with video, and produces massive amounts of content on social media. In this episode, Robert tells us just what it takes to be a video genius, and what it really takes to brand in video and social media.

In This Episode:

    • How to find your passion in life.
    • Making a career as a video producer.
    • Why you need to be willing to experience anything that will happen.
    • Why persistence is so important.
    • What you need to be doing to brand with video.
    • Developing your social media strategy.
    • Understanding your priorities.
    • Prepping yourself to be more productive.
    • The value in authenticity for your brand.

Robert’s Favorite Quote:
“On the other side of pain is success”
“Show up even if you’re bleeding”

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