About This Episode:
Michael Russo started Sticky Quotes while still in college to bring inspiration and motivation to others. Being the optimistic and idealistic philosopher he is, he once thought: “How could I make the world a happier place?”

For starters, he figured he could write inspirational quotes on sticky notes and leave them all over the place. And that’s exactly how Sticky Quotes got its start. The sticky quote note idea was his simple yet effective way to make the world a happier place.

He was sticking these instant happy notes everywhere – all over the Morgan Stanley office where he once interned; in every classroom at Molloy College; and just about anywhere else he’s gone since January 2014 when he started this movement.

It wasn’t until he paired up with an awesome team of friends and mentors, won a college business plan competition, and printed an insane number of sticky notes in his parents’ kitchen that he had the confidence and the opportunity to start this business.

Now he’s 21 years old, on a mission, running his business, and set to graduate from college in May.

In this Episode

    • The power of having a mentor for accountability.
    • Does every entrepreneur need to go to school?
    • Using school as a networking tool.
    • Using the structure that school gives to be a better entrepreneur.
    • Customer acquisition for a new business.
    • Using Fulfillment by Amazon to help to scale your business.
    • Strategies to take your marketing to viral levels.
    • Using competitions to launch your brand.

Michael’s Favorite Quote:
“Thing mind is like a parachute, if it doesn’t open, it doesn’t work.”

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