About This Episode:
Jordan LaPlace was successful, but he wasn’t quite living up to his potential. He always had the bug to sale, as a kid he even sold hot dogs just to satisfy the need to achieve. In college, he got his first real sales job selling B2B office products and decided that his future was in selling and he no longer needed to spend time on schooling.

Jordan spent about 5 years selling various services, before ending up in solar energy sales. He was well established and had seen some success, but in the end of 2014, he made a decision that would change his life. He put together a plan that helped him to earn in excess of $1 million in commissions, and plans to create $3 million in 2016. Jordan made way more than just your average shift; in this episode, he tells us exactly what he did and how you can start crushing it too!

In This Episode

    • Why making the decision for 7 figures is so important.
    • How to really crush it in door-to-door sales.
    • How to decide what company will be the best to sell for to maximize commissions.
    • How to manage others to their own success.
    • Your action plan to a 7 figure income.
    • Why “tying yourself to the mast,” will make you more successful.
    • The Value in keeping a journal.
    • Scheduling for achieving goals.
    • The value in post-gaming your activities for improvement
    • How to select the best company for maximizing commissions.
    • Entrepreneur vs. Intra-preneur.

Jordan’s Favorite Quote:
“Give up what you want in the moment for what you want the most.”

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Email: jlaplace@vivintsolar.com
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