About This Episode:
Daniel Gefen left school early, but somehow managed to end up in a 6 figure job, for which he had no qualifications. The economy shifted in 2008 and Daniel was laid off, things got tough and after the birth of his first child, he was evicted, thing just went from bad to worse.

He moved in with his in-laws, but things still did not improve. Time came for him to reach out to his father. He then got a job as a cashier at his father’s London grocery store.

Daniel then had an awesome idea to help business outsource their customer service and business quickly started to boom. However, he hit a wall, and decided the only way he could continue to grow was to outsource his business to his competition. Though the decision seemed crazy, he managed to remove a lot of the headaches and create even more profit from his business.

In This Episode:

    • Why kids always get what they want.
    • How communication can help you to get anything.
    • How to find solutions when you hit rock bottom.
    • Keeping your goals in focus when the outlook seems bad.
    • The REAL definition of an entrepreneur.
    • How solving a problem can create a business.
    • Why relying too much on staff can be a problem.
    • Why relying on one source for new clients is dangerous.
    • How to create automation in your business.

Daniel’s Favorite Quote:
“Some search for happiness, others create it.”

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