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“Facebook suppressed this post for being about a “social issue”.” Apparently I’m not allowed to have an opinion on “social issues”.

However, “social issues” aren’t just ones we have a right to speak about, they’re ones we have a responsibility to talk about.

Here’s how to fix college:

Charge 15% of current pricing up front. Money upfront because attendees have to have skin in the game, making it harder to bail three years in.

Now, where would the money come from? Loans would no longer be government insured and would have to come from school endowments.

Perhaps the government would give then a small annual stipend annually to assist with this, granted they make certain statistics.

Then schools make 15% of your income your first 5 years out of school.

What about people that don’t finish? They would pay 5% of income for 5 years out of school, also keeping their skin in the game.

The school would want to insure not just they finish, but that they are capable of producing when out of school so they get the full 15%.

Results will be better. Guaranteed.

Make Education Great Again.

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