About This Episode:
With only her innate marketing savvy and a great idea, Joy Gendusa started Postcard Mania in 1998. When she started, she had no capital — her only assets: a computer and a phone — yet she created a marketing team that is now an industry juggernaut.

Using postcards as the only marketing medium to grow her company in its formative years, Joy learned the ‘ins and outs’ of the postcard marketing industry. Through extensive testing and tracking methods, she was able to isolate the key factors that ensure postcard marketing success. She not only tells her clients to promote consistently to their target market in order to increase their overall income, but she practices what she preaches. She mails out 2 million postcards every week to her prospects and by using the principles that she has mastered, she has grown her company into a multi-million dollar corporation with more than 192 employees and recognized in 2005 by Inc Magazine as the one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the nation.

Not only did her marketing techniques enable her to boom her business rapidly, but it enabled her to empower thousands of other businesses across the nation which is exactly what she did. Today, her company creates postcard marketing campaigns spanning 350 different industries across the nation.

In This Episode:

    • How to to solve your own problem and create a business from it.
    • How to work a job while building your business.
    • Why direct mail is still relevant.
    • How long does a new business take to be profitable?
    • Why paying yourself more can make you more profitable.
    • How much promotion you need to make to have high revenue.
    • How mail creates more trust than email.
    • How to best target your public in initial mailings.

Joy’s Favorite Quote:
“Firm up the wins and ignore the losses.” -L. Ron Hubbard

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