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Elizabeth Hill is an entrepreneur, attorney, former counselor, and mother of four. In addition, Elizabeth recently launched the Legit Endeavors Podcast, focused on small business and entrepreneurs seeking to start or grow their business. Elizabeth is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and small business owners level up their business by making sure it is legit in every way. The Legit Endeavors Podcast focuses on small business strategies, as well as making sure that the common legal pitfalls are addressed and avoided.

In addition to recently launching Legit Endeavors, Elizabeth owns her own solo practitioner law firm, as well as a winery, bistro and vineyard, Burklee Hill Vineyards. Elizabeth enjoys public speaking on various matters, including small business and entrepreneurial issues, women’s empowerment, and wine. She tackled law school as a non-traditional student after finding herself as a single mom with three young children. Elizabeth graduated Summa Cum Laude at the top of her law school class, while also winning two national championships in moot court (the exercise where students present an oral argument). Elizabeth enjoys being involved in her local community and spending time with family.

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