About This Episode:
From Journeyman Cabinet Maker to Fitness Entrepreneur having built one of the fastest growing fitness brands in Australia, Brett Campbell is a man on a mission and is living the dream life of a young and successful entrepreneur.

Impacted and inspired by the passing of a childhood friend, Brett is now taking his mission to the next level… to help the generations of entrepreneurs and professionals realize their true potential and assume a life of freedom and abundance that is possible for all who dare to take charge of their destiny.

Brett’s Mission is to help over 100 million people design, develop and deliver their passion and expertise to the world so they can make more money, help more people, and ultimately live a lifestyle of their design.

In a systematic and energized manner, Brett is taking people to new heights in a shorter time than anyone believed possible.

In this Episode:

  • Overcoming your upbringing to springboard to success.
  • Connecting yourself to the big reason why.
  • Why you need to be the best version of yourself.
  • How to be a successful fitness entrepreneur.
  • How to digitally scale your business.
  • The most important skill to market online.
  • The power of being authentic.
  • How to create a powerful perspective.
  • The future of online marketing in 2016.

Brett’s Favorite Quote:
“Done is better than perfect.”

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