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Frank Zane grew up in a tough Pennsylvania coal-mining town. At age 14 Frank discovered bodybuilding when he walked into his high school math class and spotted a muscle-building magazine in the wastebasket. Studying the magazine, he soon started training at the local Wilkes-Barre YMCA weight room.

Being very serious about competitive training and winning every contest around and now felt he was destined for bigger things. Frank wanted to move to California, but it would mean severing East Coast ties so he moved to Florida instead.

Frank started serious training for the 1968 Mr. America competition, which he won. One week after winning the Mr. America title in New York City, Frank defeated Arnold Schwarzenegger for the Mr. Universe title in Miami, Florida.

After moving to California, Frank won the Mr. World title in Brugge, Belgium in 1969, the Mr. Universe title in 1970 and 1972 in London, England and the coveted Mr. Olympia title (world professional bodybuilding champion) in 1977, 1978, and 1979 after 21 years of training.

In 1980, Frank and his wife Christine opened Zane Haven in Palm Springs, a bodybuilding learning center where people could learn the bodybuilding lifestyle in weekend programs. By 1987 they had outgrown the Zane Haven facility and purchased the former Cary Grant estate in Old Palm Springs Movie Colony, moving from Santa Monica in the process.

In October 1998, Frank and Christine sold their Palm Springs estate and relocated to San Diego, California. Frank operates a thriving fitness mail order business and teaches the Zane Experience to clients from all over the world wishing to learn how to be successful at weight training and nutrition.

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