About This Episode:
Ben Schemper’s quest for adventure brings a richness and a humanity to the Epic Culture. He has been a top 1% sales Manager in every position he has held. He is an over achiever, a lover of people and has a passion for seeing epic’s clients have thriving sales forces. Ben is the creator of the Epic Influence training system for Sales Management.

Ben works with the top performer and influencers in the world of business and sales, taking them to higher levels of success than ever imagined, through his philosophy of total immersion to quickly create the transformation for an Epic Impact.

In this Episode:

    • How to develop an entrepreneurial edge.
    • How to turn your obstacles into your path
    • How crush it in direct sales.
    • How immersive learning can be the game changer.
    • How to be open to receiving leadership.
    • Spending a year with Tony Robbins.
    • Quantifying self-investment.
    • How to create influence.
    • How to get to the next level.

Ben’s Favorite Quote:
“I only work with and consider the energy of Transformation.” — Donny Epstein

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