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Ali Shah is the Founder of Tapebook, a social networking app where you can record and only engage through audio and video.

Ali comes from a technology background and has started five companies, but he experienced a transformational journey in South America that took him to where he is today. He realized when we personally connect with others, we improve our mental health, feel a sense of belonging, and strengthen our relationships. Traditional social media has erected barriers between humans, and hijacked our natural way of communication. Texting, posting memes/links, sharing filtered images does not bring us closer as human beings, nor does it allow us to meaningfully connect with each other. Traditional social media has made us less accountable to each other. We need to return to a pure and natural way of communication, enabled by this new technology that is prevalent in our lives i.e smartphones.

His mission is to champion the bond of human connection by helping people truly connect and be themselves in a safe, inspiring, and knowledgeable community where everyone can be heard while building a legacy of meaningful memories.

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