About This Episode:
Amanda Bayerle is a health coach for busy entrepreneurs, the host of the How Bad Do I Want It Podcast and creator of Everyday Fit Entrepreneur. She and her husband have been helping men and women transform their health and fitness over the last 4 years and have been featured in Oxygen and Bodybuilding.com. Their podcast hit #7 in all of New and Noteworthy and inspires others to make their dreams a reality. Amanda works with startup and top level entrepreneurs to get fit fast, boost their energy and confidence, and gain mental clarity.

Nicholas is one of the most passionate people you will ever meet. Growing up, he knew being an entrepreneur was in his blood. From pursuing professional sports to starting a lawn care business at age 9 to going door to door promoting his dad’s company, he loved the aspect of growing something. Nicholas also attended Bethel School of Ministry and has traveled to 9 different countries. He currently helps run a carpet cleaning/flooring installation company in San Diego. He has the gifts of counseling, coaching, and customer service. Nicholas carries the mission of The True Challenge by his continued motivation, hard work, and passion for seeing his goals happen.

In This Episode:

    • Never lose faith in your passion.
    • Why are humans interested in power?
    • Why outshining the master can be dangerous.
    • What goes into true mastery.
    • The benefit of accelerated learning.
    • The application of military strategy to business.
    • The need to be an adaptive leader.

Nicholas & Amanda’s Favorite Quote:
“You can either make excuses or make results, but you can’t make both.” – Dani Johnson

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