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Almost 3 years ago I made a mistake. It turned out to be an expensive one.

When we transitioned from our previous company name in mid-2017, to Command Your Brand, I did something I usually don’t recommend to others…

I surveyed the name, I fell in love with it, but I didn’t search Go Daddy first. It turns out Command Your Brand dot com was a premium domain, meaning someone owned it for several thousand dollars.

I figured I’d attempt to negotiate and maybe we could work something out. So, I reached out to the owner and after some delay, he removed the domain from Go Daddy and told me the following: “After looking into you, I’ve determined this website has a high value to you.”

The new price was 10x the previous one, I decided against it. Fast forward a few years down the road to the present day, I decided it was time, we’re growing the fastest ever before.

Hitting highest-ever the since October of last year… We reached out to a domain broker for help and able to get it a a quarter of the price…

We’re now the proud owners of Command Your Brand!

2020 is going to ROCK!

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