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As Senior Vice President for a Fortune 500 firm Kelly Roach has consistently grown teams and divisions by between 50–300% in profit year after year. With 7 promotions in 8 years, Kelly is an expert in creating record breaking growth in productivity and profitability.

Kelly has an uncanny ability to help businesses work smarter, not harder and design an unstoppable results machine that virtually eliminates the competition. By teaching leaders how to incorporate empowered decision-making and intention-based management, Kelly’s clients are equipped to thrive in any economy.

Kelly helps teams and organizations eliminate weeks, months, and even years from their timeline for success.

Kelly is a thought leader when it comes to the link between exercise, empowerment, and exponential business growth. As a former Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader, Kelly brings a dynamic, engaging and motivating style to all of her transformational programs.

Kelly’s latest book is called “Unstoppable Success,” where she seeks to share her secrets of success and her path of how she made it go right! Kelly wants you to be unstoppable too!

Kelly’s Favorite Quote:
“Be the best that you can be in everything that you do!”

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