About This Episode:
Shawn Thomas is a lifestyle entrepreneur focused on contributing to the world through mentoring, coaching and philanthropy. After the multi-million dollar sale of his company, Shawn has embarked on the next chapter in his life — to share the business and lessons he has learned along the way.

As a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Shawn has the freedom and flexibility to work around things he is passionate about without the worry or stress of earning an income. And tens of thousands of followers from all the over world tune in to see how he has created his success.

In 2002, he started what became his first successful business venture, Uniguest. Uniguest began as a 1-man operation from his house in Memphis, TN to today being a successful company in Nashville, TN. Uniguest saw rapid growth and achieved Inc. 500 status, a dream of many entrepreneurs.

Shawn mentors by sharing his experiences and answering questions under the name Ask A Millionaire. This is his way of mentoring as many people as possible. And hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world tune in to hear and engage in Shawn’s social media channels.

In This Episode:

    • Never lose faith in your passion.
    • Why are humans interested in power?
    • Why outshining the master can be dangerous.
    • What goes into true mastery.
    • The benefit of accelerated learning.
    • The application of military strategy to business.
    • The need to be an adaptive leader.

Shawn’s Favorite Quote:
“Together we can accomplish more than we ever would by ourselves.”

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