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Terry Weaver is a renowned speaker, author, event producer, podcaster, and ideapreneur who is passionate about seeing people live life alive; whether through helping others see their dreams become reality, traveling around the world challenging students to change the world, leading teams of people to do more together than they could alone, or hanging out with Mickey Mouse.

With a background in the music business, Terry has led creatives through their professional journey. Whether it’s getting to the stage of Grammys, helping entrepreneurs with a six-figure product launch, or leading conversations with key thought-leaders, Terry’s mission is to help leaders take what they are doing to the next level. 

As a highly sought-after speaker, Terry has shared the stage with Disney legends, athletes, leaders of Fortune 500 companies, and award-winning actors and musicians at colleges, churches, conferences, school assemblies, and conventions.

Terry produces the premiere event for creatives, makers, entrepreneurs, and leaders called “The Thing” in Orlando, Florida. A gathering of square pegs from every industry imaginable attendees have included candle makers, business owners, artists, dancers, acrobats, lawyers, and funeral home directors. His book “Making Elephants Fly: Getting Your Dreams Off the Ground” has quickly become the go-to resource for anyone trying to move big ideas forward.

Find out more about Terry at:
Making Elephants Fly Book
The Thing Live
Terry’s Website

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