About This Episode:
Kyle Gray was working as a Study Abroad advisor at the University of Utah. It was a decent job, but he had a dream I wanted to fulfill.

He had heard about people building personal brands and small businesses online. These businesses let them travel the world and work at the same time, and it was something he wanted for himself.

After spending 2 years as an advisor he knew how the university worked, and he wanted to learn about starting a business. So he took on a few student jobs and too on an interdisciplinary degree that offered flexible course options and the ability to customize it.

He used his knowledge as an advisor of the resources available to students to invite speakers to the university to build his network. He also did much of the early research and skill building for his business by leveraging the title of “Student” and calling up businesses mentioning he was a student doing research and wanted to learn more about them.

He came across the Foundry in his final year, and was connected with a group of students that all had similar goals. They were able to help each other grow their businesses, connect with the community of entrepreneurs in SLC, and work together to build their brands.

Upon graduating he had a business and was actually hired to teach at the Foundry for a few months, before he traveled to Asia and started working with another startup called WP Curve.

Kyle’s Favorite Quote:
“Accept the discomfort.”

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