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Jim is the Co-Founder and CEO of Apollo Program, a software company that provides businesses with powerful intelligence on people to make marketing more informed, accurate, and ultimately more effective.

Prior to Apollo, Jim joined Anomaly in June 2016 as their first Chief Product Officer to create a product that harnesses the true power of data to fuel creative advertising. At Anomaly, he led the development and productization of their analytics, technology, data, and software strategy. Previously, he served as SVP of Product & Client Strategy at Varick Media, an industry-leading media trading desk. He was responsible for guiding the strategy and development of the technology, sales planning, marketing, business development, and account management functions.

Jim graduated Summa Cum Laude with Honors from Montclair State University, after which he was a founding partner of a startup which developed enterprise social & relationship management software for large, multi-national corporations. Upon exiting, he utilized his entrepreneurial experience along with his product knowledge to begin his career developing software and technology products across various verticals, including government compliance, higher education, and most recently digital media and advertising.

Previously, Jim was the head of Product Development at Undertone where he led the development for their ad serving and media buying platform. Jim has also founded two startups: MobileTag, a mobile gaming platform and Snapit App, an e-gifting mobile application.

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Apollo Program

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