About This Episode:
I by no means consider myself a digital nomad, we have an office and a great staff, but I believe that traveling increases your worldview and is incredible for personal development.

I’ve learned a few things:

  • Look on Groupon or Living Social (They’re the same company now, pick one)
  • Get an airline miles credit card; Capital One Venture Card is pretty good from what I’ve heard
  • Check out Travel Zoo; only sign up for their top 20 email list otherwise you’ll get spammed
  • Book closer to travel to get better rates
  • Use sites like Orbitz for last-minute deals, but do your first search in an incognito window because they’ll cookie you and the price will go up
  • Download Google maps for the cities you’re going to on WiFi; they’ll work on airplane mode (including the GPS, which is EPIC)
  • Use public transportation (Trains ROCK), many cities sell a 48 hour or 7-day pass for unlimited public transportation
  • Avoid taxis, they can be expensive or untrustworthy, use Uber where available
  • Eat off the beaten path, it won’t be what the people really eat and will be 5X as expensive; stay in residential areas
  • If you are confused and need help, walk into the largest name brand hotel, collect yourself, act like you’re staying there and ask for help
  • Travel in the off-season; it’s cheaper
  • Visit sites on a weekday

I’ve been a bunch of places and none of them hit my wallet hard…

  • Aruba
  • Austria
    • Vienna
  • China
    • Beijing
    • Shanghai
  • Barbados
  • Bonaire
  • Canada
    • Toronto
    • Niagara Falls
  • Curacao
  • England
    • London
    • Sussex
    • Wessex
    • Berkshire
    • Oxford
  • Greece
    • Athens
    • Olympia
    • Hydra
  • Hungary
    • Budapest
  • Ireland
    • Kerry
    • Inch
    • Tralee
    • Kenmare
    • Cliffs of Moher (Galway)
    • Limerick
  • Italy
    • Rome
    • Florence
    • Amalfi
    • Positano
    • Sorento 
    • Capri
    • Ravello
    • Minori
    • Pompeii
    • Furore
  • Peru
    • Lima
    • Arequipa
    • Nazca
    • Ica
    • Tacna
  • Slovakia
    • Bratislava
  • St. Lucia
  • Switzerland 
    • Zurich
  • Ukraine
    • Kyiv

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