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Dennis Mangan had hit bottom, his body was failing him, he was recently informed that he has chronic fatigue syndrome. He visited doctor after doctor, but did not receive that problem solving that he had hoped to find. However, Dennis had a leg up on everyone else, he had an extensive background in the sciences. After prolonged research, he discovered a link between Chronic fatigue in distance runners like himself: Iron. 

After realizing the issue with his body, Dennis realized that “dumping iron” from his diet would be the way to fix his body. After doing so, Dennis saw rapid changes in his heath, and at age 60, is the pinnacle of fitness. He took what he learned, and authored his latest book Dumping Iron, after he found that not only was there a link between Iron and chronic fatigue but a whole host of issues as well.

Dennis wanted to share his new found health and fitness with the world and therefore, he created Rogue Health and Fitness. He educates others on natural means of rehabbing their bodies, and creating the body of their dreams.

Dennis’ Favorite Quote:
“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” -Henry David Thoreau

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