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Caleb Maddix is 14 years old. He is the Author of best selling, “Keys to Success for Kids”, founder of Kids 4 Success and Kids with a Mission. Caleb is a sought after Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, as well as Co-Host of Maddix Motivations and Host of “Keys to Success for Kids.”

Caleb has been seen with such entrepreneurs as Grant Cardone, Brendon Burchard and Gary Vaynerchuck. He has been a guest on Cardone’s “Power Players,” and frequent guest on all things Cardone.

In his first year in business, Caleb has cleared $75,000 and has a goal of being a millionaire by 16 and billionaire by 30. Caleb proves that age has no effect on success, but rather the drive to make it happen.

Caleb lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with his dad, Matt Maddix. Caleb is on a Mission to motivate and educate kids across the world as well as end childhood obesity.

Caleb’s Favorite Quote:
“The Gun that kills most people is the Gunna.”

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