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Victor Salinas is a a true rags to riches story. He grew up in the countryside of Brazil, and moved to Sao Paulo as a youth. He always wanted to come to America and eventually achieved that dream. Came from a very poor family, manage to go to the US and lived in CA for 7 years, came back to Brazil in 2007 and then became the General Manager for a multinational IT company and responsible for over U$25M revenue in one year.

Victor is a business consultant increasing companies revenue in over 300% in the current critical scenario of the Brazilian economy using L. Ron Hubbard Management Technology. He is a former executive for an iconic Brazilian IT company, in addition to being an international Speaker.

Victor is a Sales specialist, because he truly understands communication and how to best service a customer. He went from making $20.000/year in 2010 to a 6 figure annual salary, all in the same year. He quit what most people thought was a secure job, to depend on true security, himself, to share his knowledge with others.

Victor’s Favorite Quote:
“Any stops that you have, come from failed purposes.” – LRH

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