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Dr Lamees Hamdan is a believer in a healthier organic lifestyle. She is a medical doctor, has launched several beauty companies and is a spokesperson (in Arabic and English) for natural health and beauty through video blogs and panels such as Zahrat Al Khaleej (the UAEs best-selling Arabic language women’s magazine), and on MBC TV, the Middle East’s premier pan-arab breakfast show with more than 10 million viewers. She was also featured on Oprah and Huda Kattan’s online blog (the worlds biggest beauty blogger with over 30 million followers).

By training, Dr. Hamdan is a medical doctor and a graduate of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and extensively studied alternative therapies of southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East. After a 2 year residency in Dermatology in Dubai, she left her medical career early to seek alternative scientific paths to healing than was offered or allowed by the medical community in the UAE. She started learning and teaching herself various alternative modalities, and in the meanwhile launched in 2004 her natural beauty company Shiffa which integrated these new teachings into a line of natural skin and body care products. In 2017, feeling a definite shift within the medical community in accepting integrative ways in the path for health, Dr. Hamdan reentered the medical profession and is currently working as a doctor with the Ministry of Health in the UAE.

Dr. Lamees Hamdan is a serial entrepreneur, having founded and directed several beauties start ups. she is currently in the midst of a fellowship in integrative medicine from the University of Arizona

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